Friday, July 30, 2010


i know i know, i've been such a slacker with my posts latley but i haven't been home like all week and haven't even cooked anything. but hopefully next week i'll be home more. 
so i guess i'll do a lil update so monday nothing really happened, the tuesday han n i went to terse's house which is fun it was really the first time we got to just hang n talk with her and she's a hoot.
then wednsday  han n i went to take some pics out at the lake and i like these better cuz my hair is down, but i was suppose to go pick hannah @ 10 n i kept waking up all through the night which is NOT normal for me cuz usually when i go to sleep i'm then at like 5:30 am i was half asleep  my nose was itching n i scratched it then my nose started a nose bleed and this was my first nose bleed ever and i didn't know what to do i tried to wake up my mom which was a fail. so it quit after a while, and i stayed asleep. then next thing i know it 10 and my mom is gettin up and wakes me up saying it 10 o clock get up, so we didn't ended up doing that a hour late. but it was still a successful photo-shoot. 
so then thursday we went to the store then church.
then today terse took us to the lancaster mall but she didn't tell us until we was their about halfway, so that was a fun trip. 
then tomorrow i'll might b goin over to hannah's to sit while her mom sells avon n veggies. then hannah's gonna b taking pics at wesly's bday party so i'll prolly go to that cuz i never get invited to the kids bday parties n i want some cake! no i'l go cuz it would prolly be fun.
so yeah i guess i'll write later

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