Friday, February 11, 2011


hey guys so i am really really excited and happy 
why you may ask? well it's because i gots myself a new phone!! 
i had the blackberry curve and it was just getting old and when the new blackberry torch came out i wanted it because it's the best of both worlds, it has a touch screen and a regular blackberry keyboard.

but that's not the only reason why i wanted it, i wanted it because it has alot of apps you can have that you couldn't have on the curve oh and i wanted a new phone also because my curve would randomly shut down even when it would be charged weird it was just getting old. 

so yeah i will definitely have to get a phone case and screen cover because the fingerprints are driving me bananas and the case help to protect it from scratches and such, i had alot on the old phone.

oh and the other thing that drove me crazy was the fact that at&t had said free 2 day shipping but it took 3 days for me to get it which it'nt really bad if you think about it but i always get anxious when i order something and have to wait.

so yeah that's pretty much it