Friday, April 29, 2011

saturday hopping


Monday, April 25, 2011

spring flowers

hello everybody, so i have a really really simple and easy and modern flower arrangement for you guys. i was inspired by the march pottery barn catalog.

see the flower arrangement on the table behind the sofa?
sooo  pretty! i would love to have a arrangement that big.
and the pear blossoms too but their a whopping $37.99 per branch, and that's on sale.

but my arrangement is free.
i think everybody can afford free.

so all i did was go to our  forsythia bush and cut off some branches 

 i also made a couple other arrangements for a couple other rooms so that's why theirs such a huge pile.

i just cut them about 1 to 2 feet for this arrangement but for the bigger ones i did 2 to 3 feet it really depends on how big you want it to be. i just cut a good amount of length because you can cut more off.

and then i just used this vase that i found at goodwill.

and then i just put the branches in the vase then put dome water in it.


so yeah super easy and simple but so elegant, and i like the pop of yellow too.

i'm defiantly going to do the same thing with our lilacs, now that their blooming, and they'll be nice and fragrant.

so yeah thanks pottery barn you never let me down.

write to you later!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I were a rich girl...

hello everybody, okay so a couple days ago thrifty decor chick [love her!] did a post about if she had a million dollars saying things she'd get. so i thought i'd do the same thing.

so since there would be a endless list of things i would get if i would have a ton of money i thought i could just do this one on home things. if your interested in me sharing other things like fashion things and other things? let me know in the comments!

okay so the first thing would of course have to be something in the kitchen. a refrigerator we have one like this.

 yeah it's your basic fridge. but my dream fridge would be one of these baby's!

oh and the rest of the kitchen wouldn't be bad either. now i don't know alot about this particular fridge. but whenever i have the time and go to lowe's i always go to the appliance section and drool over the refrigerators like clothing. but the nice thing about these refrigerators is they have tons of room it would be easier to organize your food because it's at a better height and it's pretty.

 ok so keeping with the kitchen stuff of course i'd want a nice stove. we just have a basic one that isn't too special. but what i would really like.

 now i don't know really anything about this stove and for some reason i don't really look at the stoves and ovens at lowe's but i know the stove has a grill thing so you can grill stuff all year round. oh yeah! burnt marshmallows anyone?
oh and it's pretty too

ok now for some dream rooms




can you say spa

i would def have a home theater too

of course i would go to the first picture with ratatouille on the screen. but i really like the fact that it would be dark and have a big screen so you could watch movies in the daytime. although i think would have couches instead of movie theater seats like some nice modern sectionals.

like theses i love the white but i know i would spill something on them so i would have a tan or brown.

and for a bedroom

i would just have the wall color a nice creamy caramel color though i really don't care for all white rooms, oh and some blackout shades too

and for a outdoor space

and a nice outdoor table from pottery barn

i love the big chunky wood that's so rustic but modern.
i'll take some pottery barn furniture any day.

and a ginormous grill like 5 feet long i couldn't find a picture but yeah 5 feet long at least.

and of course a walk in closet

so yeah as far as other rooms that come with houses can just have candice olsen come and do those.

so yeah, write to  you lata


Friday, April 22, 2011

saturday bunny hopping


did you get the bunny hpoong since easter is this sunday?

i'm so clever. haha anyway have a good weekend! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thriftstore Goodies

Hello everybody. how are ya'll doing?

so last wednsday i went thrift store shopping with my lady friends and this is my 2nd time and i think i'm hooked! 

so i mostly got clothes 

i also got some clothes for my dad and brother a a top for my mom.

i also found some home stuff

like this gorgeous mirror box

and i got this bulletin board for my mom's office

the middle button came off and i pulled the other buttons off we don't exactly know if we want to hot glue some gem stones in the middle or buttons. thoughts?

 i also got some cookbooks [i know shocking]
 now i haven't even opened them since i got them 




 i also got this food network cookbook i did use a rachel ray recipe. i think this is a good staple cookbook.

well that's what i got this time.

do you love going to the thrift store?
do you find tons of clothes?
things for your pad?

see ya later!



hello all hope you had a nice weekend!

so as you can probably see i changed the name of my blog again i like this name better than my previous one. 

so that's it for right now i'm gonna go and work on another blog post. 


Friday, April 1, 2011


sorry for the lack of posts lately, i've been so busy these days with planning for the eggapalooza, going thrift store shopping and then my brother and his girlfriend are coming this weekend so we're having to clean the house so it looks presentable.
so yeah that's it for now 
have a swonderful [name that movie] weekend

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