Monday, April 18, 2011

Thriftstore Goodies

Hello everybody. how are ya'll doing?

so last wednsday i went thrift store shopping with my lady friends and this is my 2nd time and i think i'm hooked! 

so i mostly got clothes 

i also got some clothes for my dad and brother a a top for my mom.

i also found some home stuff

like this gorgeous mirror box

and i got this bulletin board for my mom's office

the middle button came off and i pulled the other buttons off we don't exactly know if we want to hot glue some gem stones in the middle or buttons. thoughts?

 i also got some cookbooks [i know shocking]
 now i haven't even opened them since i got them 




 i also got this food network cookbook i did use a rachel ray recipe. i think this is a good staple cookbook.

well that's what i got this time.

do you love going to the thrift store?
do you find tons of clothes?
things for your pad?

see ya later!


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