Wednesday, June 30, 2010

last day of june

so i thought i would do another update on here,[side note] what's funny is if somebody writes on their blog about their life and other things n they will write about their tell the world [well who ever will read it] about their wants being from wanting to see some movie, to wanting a big house or wanting a bigger grill, oh wait that's my wants. anyway but people wil write their wants hopes fears, believes, needs and whatever but when you talk to them you would have never guessed that this person dosent have a grudge againts anybody, or is selfish,or just cares about the outfit they have on but that they just want to have peace and live their life. *(what am i writing about???)* and just be happy. 

and the thing is that you can find that out just by taking a few mins to read their blog....and no i'm not talking about myself because i've hardly had anybody make those assumptions about me. but i'm just saying that we can tend to think that we know about this person or that person but really have no idea, who they really are.
(yea i don't know where all that came from but i've been thinking about for a little while)

so anyway i guess i'll recapp what's been goin on latley or so far this summer, ummmmm not too much wel hannah graduated yay, but that was in may but it's still summer....or warm weather. and [ok had to think for like 5 mins] yeah not to much well last week we had vbs and vbs is well vbs, if you know me you would know why i'm not writing a whole lot about this....NOT that because it's church related but something else and i don't want to get into it. and i just downloaded the new hillsong album that just came out yesterday, it's prety amazzzingggggggggg it is n yeas i'm saying that because hillsong is my fav worship team of all time but this cd it insanely good, it's different than what they do. 

and umm some other stuff has happened that's good.
oh n we've been really getting into all the coupon stuff thanks to michelle and been saving alot of money.
oh i'll also be turning 20 next monday yayy i think i'll do another blog post about that. 

and really that's about it.
so i guess that it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


so i thought i would make another post since i can't remember when i put up my last post.haha
[grrrrrrr i just wrote a couple sentences and deleted it trying to paste a link!!!!! i'm not the most alert when i'm tired.]
anyway as i was writing before hannah,kelli, and i went up to circleville to go to maurices and you can read more about it in hannah's post here ( ***[you'll have to copy n paste]***haha. i'm not gonna write about the whole day cuz she explains it.

on a different note. i learned something from kelli, ok so first i like to cuff up my jeans since it hot ect. and i feel like a dork when i do it with my flared jeans cuz their floppy and she said to iron them. so wanna iron my other jeans to see what happens, so yeah i'm excited for that.

what else..........???...

so tomorrow hann n i are goin out to help put up the rest of the decorations in the sanctuary and other rooms. i always like being around them and helping cuz their really down to earth.

so chea i really need to put people in my email list so they can get to see my blog.

so i think that's it for now
see ya

Thursday, June 10, 2010

new page

so as you can obviously see that i changed my backround, and i'm super stoked about it!!! man changing your backround reminds me of myspace when everybody would change their backround like all the the anyway tommorow well now today my mom n i n paul are goin shoppin in chili i love to go when it's just us cuz we are up their like all day and just do whatever so yeah it's a good time. 

soooooooo write you later

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

recipe: chicken spaghetti

ok so i'll explain this to ya before i write the recipe. so lat night my mom n i didn't know what to make for dinner and we got this bruchetta stuff (wich i call italian salsa but that deservies a whole other blog post) which i want to try so i thought we need to fix something italian n not spagetti n marinara sauce. n we have many other recipes for italian dishes, but i wanted to make something different, so my mom asked me what i'm gonna make and i said i'm gonna wing it. so i did and it turned out amazzing.

also evrything that i used many people already have in the pantry and fridge, so you wont have to make a special trip.

4 chicken breasts cut into bite size pieces (their easier to eat because you don't have to cut them up when your eating them, and they cook quicker)

evoo (extra virgin olive oil)

1 box of spaghetti  (or you can use any other kind of pasta you have on hand jut not macaroni)

1 yellow squash, cut into bite size pieces also

1 zuchinni squash, cut into bite size pieces (basically everything cut into bite size pieces)

half of a bunch of asparagus (their $1.99 this week at kroger)  
***usually you will break off the end of one asparagus (where its flat) then cut with the knife the rest of the asparagus where the end broke off so your not taking 10 mins to break off them.***

a package of cherry tomatoes...or about  1 1/2 cups if your growing your own. cut in half

12 ounces of sliced mushrooms

1 cup of chicken broth

3 big cloves of garlic chopped very fine or use a microplane when added.

salt n pepper

4 leaves of fresh basil or dried basil

1 tsp. of dried oregano

parmesan cheese

heat a large skillet then put about 2 turns in the pan of evoo then put the chicken in. put salt n pepper in while the chicken is cooking. let the chicken get brown.

while the chicken is cooking fill a pot with hot water to start the pasta, do as you would do when you usually make pasta.

after you put on the pasta water, cut the yellow and zucchini squash and the asparagus, and half the tomatoes, and if you don't have slices mushrooms slice those.

once the chicken is brown put the squashes and aspargus in the skillet let them cook for about 7 mins then put the basil and oregano in. 
chop the garlic very fine or use a micro plane to shred the garlic right into the skillet.

then add the mushrooms and tomatoes. you don't have to put these in w/ the other veggies cuz they dont take as long to cook.

also when the water starts to boil put the pasta in, don't forget to cook the pasta like i do. haha

then add the chicken broth to the chicken n veggies. and put lots of parmesan cheese into the skillet.

put the cooked pasta on the plate the the chicken mixture the top with more parmesan cheese
and vola! you've just created yourself a Italian masterpiece.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


so were here again at the end of another weekend. so on sat we threw hannah a surprise graduation party at cardo's and she was surprised (duh) and the we had a awesome minister john kirby he gave prophetic words to alot of the people in the church which is pretty sweet. so yeah i think that's about iti also changed my music playlist just now. i really hope we have good weather this week so we can get the old kitchen table out of the garage n put it o the porch...we now have a plastic green round table and were really cramped when you get 4 or 5 people around it, plus i love big tables. well i guess that's it for now. i'm gonna have to put some recipes up on here.

write to ya later