Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Vieos

Hello all, so I am not feeling that great today I think I have a cold, well I probably do, my head has been throbbing all day. :( 

Oh and I have to write a paper, and rewrite another paper, and i have school tomorrow, I actually have to go because I have to turn in both papers. wahhh 
I was dreading the days where I would get sick and have school because I don't want to skip. I hope I get better by tomorrow morning. 
On the plus side I have been making random vlogs with my phone and I tought I would have these videos to kind of make up for being a bad blogger. yes?? probably not.

Yes you  can expect videos like these weekly, get excited!

Peace out

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Well Month in Pictures (again)

Hey guys so I thought the best way to show you what I've been up to is to show you some (well a lot) of pictures that I've taken with my phone.

It's finally getting cooler and closer to fall so I'm just gonna start wearing dark nail polish!! 

Hannah and I went to Olive Garden a couple weeks ago, there food is always so good

I did have this same picture in my last post but I will use it again, this is where I am spending my time these days at Shawnee.
 Oh I am really loving school so far, I want to have a separate post where I'll go into more detail.

It's that time of the year again where bath& body works is carrying creamy pumpkin, I LOVE this sent can't get enoigh if it! I also have the room spray, and the oil, and the hand soap, and the hand sanitiser, they just need to make a body wash, lotion, spray, I'd buy it.

I noticed that diet coke changed their can design, I really like it

The food from the cafeteria at Shawnee, it's pretty good

Making chicken soup, I will say that one if the things I dislike about school is that I'm gone all day 2 days a week and I'm not able to cook and I really love cooking so when I get a chance to cook I will. I just feel like this is where I belong.

Hannah and I went shopping a couple weeks ago, it was a nice overcast cool day, it was so nice to have after 90 degree days.

We tried on a pair of 6 inch heels, I felt really tall since I'm 5ft 9in, it was really painful since I never wear heels anymore, I feel like I don't really need to, and I don't really have a desire to wear them. When Hannah wore them we were almost at eye level, she's only 5ft 2in.

We saw this in Portsmouth and thought it was amazing!!

Got to use that change somehow, this is a tip.
(there is a pun intended)

Hannah had a fun time in Toys R Us

I thought this was funny, haha

There is a festival going on this week in my town, many people get all excited about it, I am not one of those people. I also live 4 blocks from the festival so I get to hear the children screaming, and deal with the traffic, fun.

Hannah tends gets goofy when she gets tired, sigh.

I have no idea why I look really happy, I also don't know what Hannah is doing.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slacking (AGAIN)

Hey guys so I know I've been a real slacker, with keeping up with my blog schedule for the week, but I do have a good excuse. 

I'm here 3 days a week and 2 out of those 3 days I'm here for 11ish hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Yeah I'm planning on getting back in the swing of things sometime soon, but I can't make any promises. Oh and btw I'm writing this in the school library 

Peace out!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Write A Blog Post

So since I've been sucha a slacker with blogging lately I thought I would come back with some funnies!

I'm going to write a paper in my english class and it's suppose to be a "how To" kind of paper and my professor gave the students a sheet of paper giving topics on what we can write about. So here they are, and I'm going to respond to the topic.

1. How to loose weight without loosing your mind
Is there such a thing?

2.How to choose a major
Just do it-nike

3.How to find the perfect roommate
A goldfish will do

4.How to get rid of a roommate--without committing a crime
Kick them out!

5.How to succeed in college

6.How to plan the perfect party
Do it all last minute!

7.How to survive a night of babysitting
Is there such a thing?

8.How to housebreak you dog
Keep the dog outside

9.How to kick a bad habit
Don't do the bad habit

10.How to overcome insomnia 
Take a couple tylenol pm

11. How to stay sober on a Saturday night
Don't drink

12.How to rent your first apartment
Pay your rent

13.How to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams
Drink coffee

14.How to enjoy the weekend for under $20
sleep the whole weekend, sleep is free

15.How to keep peace with a spouse or roommate
kick them out

16.how to bathe a cat
No need to bathe a cat they do that themselves

17.How to complain effectively 
You can do that

18.How to survive a rescission
keep breathing

19.How to use Twitter
Just tweet ALL the time like me!

20.How to wash a sweater
Put laundry soap in washer, put sweater in washer, turn on washer

21.How to build a great music collection--cheaply and legally 
Download illegal music!

22.How to get along with an instructor without sucking up
You can do that?

23.How to give yourself a haircut
Easy! Put bowl on top of head the start cuttin away those split ends!

24.How to plan the perfect class schedule 
Is there such ting as a perfect class schedule?

25.How to select the best portable media player
Get the most expensive one out there!

26.How to quit smoking
Don't start smoking

27.How to survive with out a car
Get a ride

28.How to make the perfect cup of tea
Boil some water, put tea bag in cup, pour water in cup let tea steep

29.How to save money while saving the environment

30.How to edit a video
Edit the video

31.How parents (or children) make us feel guilty
They do it so we will but them stuff!

32.How a ipod works
It just works

33.How a cell phone takes pictures
It just takes pictures

34. How a pocket calculator works
With your fingers

35.How a particular accident occurred
It's called a accident for a reason

So if you didn't figure out I am very VERY sarcastic, do not take mt answers seriously. 

So yeah write to ya later!