Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Week In Pictures

Hello all did you have a good weekend?? Mine was pretty nice.

So if you didn't notice already I changed my blog design again. I tend to get bored and want to change things up.
So anyhoot here's my week in pictures.

Of course I have to have a picture of new love water, I can't express how much drinking water has made a difference in me, I'll have to do a whole separate post about this or something, even though I already did talk about it in my Tasty Tuesday but I think I want to go into more detail about it.

This glove has been around my room since winter. I think I forgot to put it up when it stopped being cold, ahhh it reminds me of the cold weather I think the older I get the more I like the cold weather, I don't mind the hot weather but I know I don't like it.
 October can come like now.

Okay I don't want October to come just yet, because of the summer fruits, my grocery store has had the cherries on sale for the past couple weeks. I can eat these like cheese balls. But there so much better for you.

Okay so that's my week in pictures!
I told you I didn't have alot of pictures oh well!

write to you lata!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Obession

Okay so I am so excited about this post!!!!
First of all welcome to the first Saturday Obsession!!

Lets just jump into what I'm Obsessed with!!

I can't stop listening to these songs.

Seriously I have to listen to them at least everyday.

Be Lifted High- Bethel Church 
Love this

Awakening-Hillsong United
I this is now my favorite song EVER EVER! 

Ellery-Darling Don't Be Frightened 
I really like Ellery's music it's really different, this is my favorite song from, I really like the end with the bell too.

Christina Perri-Arms
I love all of Christina Perri's songs but I can't stop listing to this one, her music is really good too.

I can't seem to get enough of bright nil polish lately, I'm especially loving hot pink, this is more of a magenta, I'm satisfied with this for now but I'm wanting more of a pink hot pink not purple.

I can't get enough of hummus and triscuits lately, and that stuff next to the hummus is a garlic a herb cheese, I'm not sure what kind of cheese that is but it's spreadable and crumbly and mild.

I love the smell of cucumber melon from bath and body works. It just smells refreshing and kind of cooling? 
But yeah I really love this sent for summer.

So that's what I've been obsessed with lately, I already think I know what I'm going to have for next week! 

Write cha later!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Funday Friday

Welcome to the first Funday Friday!!

Okay I seriously had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to write about because I haven't  been doing really anything fun lately.

Then I realized that I've been watching Three's Company almost every night since it's now on TV Land at night. I remember watching Threes Company when I was younger and I always found it funny. 

So yeah that's my Funday Friday!
I hope I have something a little bit better next week, if this gets a bit boring I may change Friday's to something else??

Write cha lata!!

Friday Hopping


Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to the first Thrifty Thursday!!
Okay so this isn't exactly a really "thrifty" project but it's more of a way of stretching a buck.

So this past weekend I got some flowers that were marked down at my grocery store. 
{little back story}
My mom got me flowers for my birthday butt because I was sick on my birthday and my mom was running around taking care of everything else because I was basically useless they never got taken out of the wrapper thing and arranged, so then they died.

So when we {being my mom and I} saw them marked down I kind of wanted them because I felt like I didn't to see the other flowers.


So yeah, the stretching the buck part is where i broke up the bouquet.

When I saw this bouquet I really didn't like the flowers together but I saw it as what I could do with the different flowers.

So I gathered up different vases that we have.

And yes those 3 coups behind the vases were the 3 drinks I was drinking, {cranberry, water, and  iced coffee}

Then I just started playing around with the different flowers and vases.
Here's the results!

*note* I did leave the flowers a little bit taller so I could cut them down as the days pass.
Also I missed that butch of mums that taller than the rest of them, n I'm just going to cut them down so I could live with them for a few days.

Anywhoo! I just love the way the green mums look in the pint sizes ball jar! 

I just kept the hydrangea by itself and but in a single flower vase, I just love the way it looks, so simple but still pretty.

Since these yellow mums are my favorite, I put them in my room.

I think they go pretty good with my beach themed side table/trunk too!

I just but the baby's breath in a single flower vase as well, and put it in the dinging room.

I did the same thing with this stuff. {forgive me I can grow and arrange flowers but don't ask me what the name is} I can't stop smelling the stuff too!!

Then I just put the greenery in another vase and put that on a table in the hallway.
I think this gives a nice pop against the blue floral wall paper, don't you think?

So that"s what I did with a bouquet of flowers! 
I got 6 different looks with this one bouquet, hows that for stretching a $3.00 bouquet?
You can do the same thing with really any bouquet, just be creative and have fun with it!
And it's even better when you can get a bouquet marked down too!

Write cha lata!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Want Wednesday

Welcome to my first What I Want Wednesday!! 
So I had no idea what I wanted to for this the it hit me! 

Turquoise! yes turquoise, I've been wanting something turquoise for awhile now. I don't have anything that's turquoise. 

Here are some of my picks.

 I also want a turquoise nail polish being that I am a bit of a nail polish addict. 

So that's what I want! Hopefully I'll be able to find some jewelry somewhere, I've been look latley but havent foud anything, and nailpolish the 1st one is sold at walgreens but my walgreens dosen't have it, of course.

But yeahhh so I'll write to you later!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Welcome to my first Tasty Tuesday!!
So for my first Tasty Tuesday I;m going to share a beverage that is consumed all around the world and is essential for humans to have.

If you guessed water you guessed right. Like I wrote in a recent post I'm drink it all the time.
Since I've been drinking it consistently I just feel better and my skin looks better it's not perfect but it's getting there. 
It's also like I have energy, but not energy like when I drink caffeine, but energy like it's easier for me to move, not that it's hard for me to move n do stuff, but it's like I feel like moving.
Does that make sense??

But yeah and they way I like my water is ice cold, no lemon, no cucumbers, and filtered of course. 

And I also think it's refreshing, especially during these hot days.

So that's what  I think is tasty! 
Write to you later!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Schedule

Hey guys so I know  just posted like not even 5 minutes ago my 1st Monday Must Have, but I thought I would explain my new blog schedule!! 

So on Monday's I'm going to have Monday Must Have where I'll share something that I think everyone should have being from fashion to food to decor and whatever else I can think of.

On Tuesday's I'm going to have Tasty Tuesday where I'm going to share either a recipe, or a snack or drink that I love because well if you know me you know I love food.

On Wednesday's I'm going to do have What I Want Wednesday where I'll share with you something that I want, from trying a different food that I haven't tried before, or a house thing {appliance, furniture ect.}, to fashion, to really anything.

On Thursday's I'll have Thrifty Thursday where I'm going to share thrifty finds, or something that costs zero money.

On Friday's I'm going to have Funday Friday where I'll post about something that I think is just fun from a movie or tv show to a website to something I like to do among other things. 
{thins should be some fun posts ;)}

On Saturday's I will have Saturday Obsession where I'll share something that I'm obsessed with and can't get enough of, being from a song to a movie to really anything because I tend to get obsessed with a lot of things. 

On Sunday's I'm going to continue with My Week In Pictures where I share pictures that I take on my phone.

So with that I can't make any promises that I will post every single day because I tend to be lazy and whatever and if i've been busy I won't always feel like blogging but I will try, i'm already getting ideas for what i want to do for each day. so i'm getting excited!!

p.s. i just totally though of all this while writing it seriously, how's that for planning!

write cha lata!

Monday Must Have

Hey guys, so this is my first monday must have, basically monday must haves will consists of things that I think everyone should have from fashion to food, and whatever else I can think of.

So it's obviously summer and something i think everyone should have not just for summer but all year round is sunglasses, I can't live with out sunglasses, I wear them all year round.

Something that I love about sunglasses is that there fashionable and functional. 
Of course I also wear them because they protect your eyes from the sun.

Here are some of my favorite styles.

Who doesn't love a pair of aviators?
 Can you say top gun?

No really, I think aviators are something that men and women can pull off, and there so classic and you can wear them if your dressed up or down and they look good no matter what.
Whenever I think of aviators I always think of summer too, so I think their a perfect summer staple.

I just can't resist a pair of oversized Jackie O sunglasses!
The bigger the better too!
I tend to wear these in the winter, but i still wear them in the summer

So yeah those are my picks, I usually switch my shades from time to time because I tend to get bored with them.
{am I the only one??}

So yeah that's my Must Have Monday! 
Are sunglasses a must have for you?? 
Write to you guys lata!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Well Month in Pictures

Hey guys so I am finally better finallyyyyyy!!!! 
It felt like i was going to be sick till forever, it was horrible, usually when I get sick I always get strep and that's about it, but this was wayy worse and it lasted for over 2 weeks.

Oh and I woild say the only good thing about being sick is I drank like 5 or 6 of these a day because it would help with my endless coughing.

yep all 32 oz  xs 5...or 6

So I am now a avid consumer of water, but I drink just the recommended 64 oz. 

So anyway I thought I'd catch you guys up on the latest pictures from my phone.

Speaking of phone, my moms cat {I don't clam her} was on a shelf the other day and knocked down a flure de les singn thats made of plaster of paris {or something that's heavy} i have on the shelf and it  fell on my phone and shattered the screen :( 

 Thankfully the touch screen still worked and everything, I ordered a new one right away and I got the white torch which is what i wanted the first time but couldn't get, but not I got it!! 
{you can see it in the reflection on the phone screen too}

only thing that bugged me is it took 2 weeks to get here, and i actually got it on my birthday. Which was on July 5th {just a fyi}
But I love it!!

Then the day {I got sick that night} when i got sick my posse and I went thrift store shopping and you always find some fun things at thrift stores.

a long sleeved shirt.

a pair of jeans

a nice top.

vote for pedro

hannah wanted that.

Then we had some Panda Express for lunch

So it was a good day. 
Then I got back and my cousin and i planted some herbs and worked in the garden, then all of the sudden later at night I felt horrible and got a fever ect.

long story short I was coughing all the time and this helped.

and this stopped the coughing


So then about a month or so ago my cousin got a kitten that someone dropped of at his house.

He brings her by time to time, and she runs around and plays with the other cats.

Yes this happened at the wendys in my town, they switched it recently to a giant wendy girl now. 
I don't know whats cooler the giant frosty or a giant rag doll sitting on top of a restaurant. 
You can make the choice.

then i got the august issue of allure magazine which always brightens my day.

I think I'm liking dark chocolate more as I get older and appreciate the taste, and these aren't bad too.

I've also been obsessed with hummus lately, I use to not like them because of the texture but i find that I like them on triscuits they give them a nice crunch.

So yeah that's been my life lately, oh and aside that it's been like 100 degrees everyday with high humidity. 

But yeah that's it so write to ya lata have a good rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hey guys i know i haven't been posting and in my last post i said i was back. 

Well 2 weeks ago my mom got sick, then i got sick. 
A really nice way to spend my 4th of july and my birthday which is on the 5th, but i was starting to feel better, i'm not 100% yet but getting there.

have a good rest of the week