Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Welcome to my first Tasty Tuesday!!
So for my first Tasty Tuesday I;m going to share a beverage that is consumed all around the world and is essential for humans to have.

If you guessed water you guessed right. Like I wrote in a recent post I'm drink it all the time.
Since I've been drinking it consistently I just feel better and my skin looks better it's not perfect but it's getting there. 
It's also like I have energy, but not energy like when I drink caffeine, but energy like it's easier for me to move, not that it's hard for me to move n do stuff, but it's like I feel like moving.
Does that make sense??

But yeah and they way I like my water is ice cold, no lemon, no cucumbers, and filtered of course. 

And I also think it's refreshing, especially during these hot days.

So that's what  I think is tasty! 
Write to you later!

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