Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to the first Thrifty Thursday!!
Okay so this isn't exactly a really "thrifty" project but it's more of a way of stretching a buck.

So this past weekend I got some flowers that were marked down at my grocery store. 
{little back story}
My mom got me flowers for my birthday butt because I was sick on my birthday and my mom was running around taking care of everything else because I was basically useless they never got taken out of the wrapper thing and arranged, so then they died.

So when we {being my mom and I} saw them marked down I kind of wanted them because I felt like I didn't to see the other flowers.


So yeah, the stretching the buck part is where i broke up the bouquet.

When I saw this bouquet I really didn't like the flowers together but I saw it as what I could do with the different flowers.

So I gathered up different vases that we have.

And yes those 3 coups behind the vases were the 3 drinks I was drinking, {cranberry, water, and  iced coffee}

Then I just started playing around with the different flowers and vases.
Here's the results!

*note* I did leave the flowers a little bit taller so I could cut them down as the days pass.
Also I missed that butch of mums that taller than the rest of them, n I'm just going to cut them down so I could live with them for a few days.

Anywhoo! I just love the way the green mums look in the pint sizes ball jar! 

I just kept the hydrangea by itself and but in a single flower vase, I just love the way it looks, so simple but still pretty.

Since these yellow mums are my favorite, I put them in my room.

I think they go pretty good with my beach themed side table/trunk too!

I just but the baby's breath in a single flower vase as well, and put it in the dinging room.

I did the same thing with this stuff. {forgive me I can grow and arrange flowers but don't ask me what the name is} I can't stop smelling the stuff too!!

Then I just put the greenery in another vase and put that on a table in the hallway.
I think this gives a nice pop against the blue floral wall paper, don't you think?

So that"s what I did with a bouquet of flowers! 
I got 6 different looks with this one bouquet, hows that for stretching a $3.00 bouquet?
You can do the same thing with really any bouquet, just be creative and have fun with it!
And it's even better when you can get a bouquet marked down too!

Write cha lata!

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