Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sara..let's do this: start small finish big

Sara..let's do this: start small finish big: "so as you can see i didn't title my post cuz i honestly don't know where to start so i guess i can do this in parts. so first of all i'll ex..."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

start small finish big

so as you can see i didn't title my post cuz i honestly don't know where to start so i guess i can do this in parts.
so first of all i'll explain what i'm talking about, so we have a back room off our kitchen that was always kind of like the catch all room.
WARNING this is very scary it may make some people twitch, faint or say "ohhh my"

yeah i told you and this is just one side i wont show the other pictures cuz i don't know if some people can handle it. oh and this has been like this since......last year. we always will go through stuff and make it organized chaos the it will turn into chaos and look like chaos the whole time. 
so we would  always "plan" to repaint and fix it up ect. but it just never happened. and my mom n i would look in their and just turn our heads in shame.[i hope this isn't sounding too dramatic]
but we would. 
so why start? well we did start to take stuff out and go through it:
Throw Away 
with me around their will be more throw away and goodwill than keep.
{oh and this was kind of done VERY spur of the moment  too which i like}
so we started with that and piled stuff into the dinging room, and in the back of my head i'm thinking i want to redo this room but with Dave[the brother] coming the 25th when we started a couple weeks ago that would never happen. BUT he call n says he's gonna come on the 2nd so we have 2 weeks n my mother says lest move the stuff that's in the dinging room back in n i'm like lets just get the rest of the stuff out of the room [which wasn't a whole lot] n start to work on it.. so we did and i'm pretty ecstatic because it's going along fast.  

after it is cleaned up oh n if anybody is interested were selling this vanity. the mirror is taller it's on the floor now.

 the rearrangement plan like my drawing skills i did it all in 10 sec.

 the pretty paneling hard to believe that were painting this. 

mom hard at work.

rachel ray supervising.

can you believe it! it is so amazing on how much a coat of paint can change a room so much. this is just the primer and we repainted the windows too they'll need a 2nd coat too. that's for tomorrow were well now i better go to bed i have alot more work todo tomorrow then church tomorrow night. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

wheres that shirt ?

so i'll admit it that several times i've tried to neatly fold and stack my t-shirts so they would look as nest as if they were on a store shelf but then a couple weeks later it always turns into a big snowball of t-shirts that onces was a neat stack of t-shirts. so you would have to clean out your drawer and refold everything, or live with it until you can't shut your drawer completely(or at-least that's what i did). 

so one day i saw a video on how to fold your clothing (see it here) n my eyes were opened. so right away i wanted to refold everything.

                                 before notice the pice of cardboard in the middle of the drawer to separate    my t-shirts and pants it helps but they would still turn into big snowballs.

                                                                      pj n casual pants  

                              lay on flat surface bed, floor, table something like that.

                                           fold on one side the fold sleeve over.   

                                                 fold other side the same way

                                           i forgot to take a pic of when you fold it once but you fold it 2xs lining up the edge with the top pf the shirt making it evenly squared. then fold again making it a small square.

                                             it can even stand up by itself 

                                  once i folded all of them i color coordinated them.

             i did my pants too, i just folded them at the knee then again to make them square.

i would really recommend watching the video so you can really see how to fold, it also shows how to fold a couple other things.
i hope you find this inspirational, i know i did. 
write you lata,

Friday, September 17, 2010

easiest bbq rub ever

i know i've been such a slacker with posts but i've got some posts planned so wait for that hopefully they will be up sooner rather than later. but now i have a recipe that is so easy anybody could so it and it's soooooo simple.

all you need is:
brown sugar n chili powder
your choice of meat {chicken, steak, porkchops} 
we tried it with steak for the 1st time n my mom was hesitant for whatever reason. but i didn't care.

1 st step gather ingredients

put brown sugar on plate i just eyeball it

then measure about 2 tbs of chili powder in palm of hand again eyeball it

coat meat with mixture as you would with bread crumbs and let sit for 10 to 20 mins to let it get a glaze, if you have to go ahead and cook it right away you can.

see the glaze as if it was some bbq sauce 
so cook on grill as you usually would then devour

write you later