Saturday, September 18, 2010

wheres that shirt ?

so i'll admit it that several times i've tried to neatly fold and stack my t-shirts so they would look as nest as if they were on a store shelf but then a couple weeks later it always turns into a big snowball of t-shirts that onces was a neat stack of t-shirts. so you would have to clean out your drawer and refold everything, or live with it until you can't shut your drawer completely(or at-least that's what i did). 

so one day i saw a video on how to fold your clothing (see it here) n my eyes were opened. so right away i wanted to refold everything.

                                 before notice the pice of cardboard in the middle of the drawer to separate    my t-shirts and pants it helps but they would still turn into big snowballs.

                                                                      pj n casual pants  

                              lay on flat surface bed, floor, table something like that.

                                           fold on one side the fold sleeve over.   

                                                 fold other side the same way

                                           i forgot to take a pic of when you fold it once but you fold it 2xs lining up the edge with the top pf the shirt making it evenly squared. then fold again making it a small square.

                                             it can even stand up by itself 

                                  once i folded all of them i color coordinated them.

             i did my pants too, i just folded them at the knee then again to make them square.

i would really recommend watching the video so you can really see how to fold, it also shows how to fold a couple other things.
i hope you find this inspirational, i know i did. 
write you lata,

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