Friday, July 30, 2010


i know i know, i've been such a slacker with my posts latley but i haven't been home like all week and haven't even cooked anything. but hopefully next week i'll be home more. 
so i guess i'll do a lil update so monday nothing really happened, the tuesday han n i went to terse's house which is fun it was really the first time we got to just hang n talk with her and she's a hoot.
then wednsday  han n i went to take some pics out at the lake and i like these better cuz my hair is down, but i was suppose to go pick hannah @ 10 n i kept waking up all through the night which is NOT normal for me cuz usually when i go to sleep i'm then at like 5:30 am i was half asleep  my nose was itching n i scratched it then my nose started a nose bleed and this was my first nose bleed ever and i didn't know what to do i tried to wake up my mom which was a fail. so it quit after a while, and i stayed asleep. then next thing i know it 10 and my mom is gettin up and wakes me up saying it 10 o clock get up, so we didn't ended up doing that a hour late. but it was still a successful photo-shoot. 
so then thursday we went to the store then church.
then today terse took us to the lancaster mall but she didn't tell us until we was their about halfway, so that was a fun trip. 
then tomorrow i'll might b goin over to hannah's to sit while her mom sells avon n veggies. then hannah's gonna b taking pics at wesly's bday party so i'll prolly go to that cuz i never get invited to the kids bday parties n i want some cake! no i'l go cuz it would prolly be fun.
so yeah i guess i'll write later

Friday, July 23, 2010

hotttttt weather n confusing movies

so as if no one else has realized that it's been unreasonably hot latley and we still have a month of summer left hopefully it will start to cool off [cool off in august HA!] but like atleat be in the lower 80's. man i wish i could just go somewhere where it's cooler not like 20 degrees but 50 or something. but alas i'm here. 
that's alway something i've noticed growing up with people when it's 90 degrees outside we want it to be cooler then when it's 20 degrees we want it to be warmer, but i like colder weather. 
and i don't know why i keep goin on n on.
on a side note mittnes our oldest cat died last night or this morning, he was 11 years old n he alway had some kind of problem. i'm not really that sad because i saw it coming and you know what i' just gonna say it i'm glad he died cuz i don't like pets or animals. i don't like to let people know because i know they would be all like why n i love my dog or fish or something i just don't like them.
anyways, i rented "singin in the rain" n "my fair lady" i've never seen either before n i liked singin in the rain because of the story and other stuff, but my fair lady was a bit of a disappointment i just thought it would be more than what it was, theirs just alot of singing n i don't mind musicals but when the song goes on and on and on it get a bit old. and as you get towards the end it gets confusing because you didn't know what eliza wanted n the professor wanted too. n then you don't really know what happened i guess you can figure out that they get married but you don't know for sure. the end was kind of like gone with the wind, where you don't know what happens too. n it's like you watch this movie for 3, 4 hours n then the end it's like what just happened?maybe it's jus where i like to know everything that's goin on.
so what are you're thoughts on movies that leave you wondering whats gonna happen??
*i made it so anybody can comment*

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

S.B.S. [summer bbQ series] #2!

the chicken has:
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons sweet smoked paprika
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil
  • 1 tablespoon dried thyme 
mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl then but the cut up chicken breasts in a ziploc bag (or bowl)  put the spice mixture in then the evoo (extra virgin olive oil)then mix together. let it hang out while your fixing the other stuff to let the flavors merry doesn't need a certain time (5 mins or so)then put on the grill.

        take half a stick of butter or margarine let it get soft, put parmesan cheese and some freshly chopped basil. mix together and let it be.
take some corn n put it on the grill, the blacker the better. the way you want it to look like is the one that's kind of in the middle.that's really black.

once the corn blacked up put it on foil and but the parmesan butter on it then wrap the cobs in the foil.then put back on the grill just for a few minutes. i forgot to take a pic of the corn after it was all done :( look on my fb if you want to see.

sald with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cumbers, celery, carrots ,and some freshly chopped basil. (first time we've ever done it, so much flavor! you HAVE to add some basil) and parmesan cheese.

 for desert we had fresh honeydew (i love honeydew!) and some cantaloupe. so simple and yet so good.

enjoy your meal! now go grill something!! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010


so i finally got peoples emails that i want to send my blog to so they can know stuff. so chyea oh n btw the reason being why i haven't before was just pure laziness.
so i wanted to write about something but  don't know what....still don't know i guess i'll just post this sooooo write ya lata!

Friday, July 16, 2010

sunshine time

these are some pictures of our day lillies that my grandma planted, i think their so pretty.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

goin to chilli

so we went to chiili again today cuz mom had to get a tooth filled then we went to dollar tree to get some stuff for the prayer tea, im so excited about this theme this year!! (it's going to be a beach theme) then we went a few other places i wouldn't mind being out all day but because it's so hot...cuz we've been going like every week. so then after the numbness wore off of moms mouth we got some arbys n they did something n so now it's hard for her to chew, so shes gonna see if she can get it fixed tomorrow cuz our dentist goes out of town this weekend n he'll be gone all week! but were just gonna go n come back. so yeah

here's some pics my mom took of our crazy cats.

she likes to sleep in the tree. 


she just likes to be all up in your face

 and on of david or dave, when he fell asleep.haha pepper is obsessed with him.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

                             the best way to eat a cupcake...a cupcake sandwich.

this year i wanted cupcakes instead of a regular cake so i made some on my birthday and more on saturday for when my broja came down to celebrate. this is the first time i also kind of went all out with decorating other than with sprinkles.
all i did was take some frosting out and put some food coloring in it to have diff colors.

Friday, July 9, 2010

S.B.S. [summer bbQ series]

so one of my fav thing thing that i like to do in the summer is grill but we don't just grill in the summer...we grill in the spring n early gets too cold to stay outside in 40 degree weather.haha 
so one rule of thumb i always go by when it comes to grilling. you can grill anything....anything be fearless just try grilling something and see if you like it. odds are you probably will!

so on the night we had this we didn't know what to make so i just winged it abd it turned out pretty good.
so we had chicken that had a brown sugar and chilli powder mixture on to give it a bbq rib taste but with chicken. 
about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 2 table spoons of chilli powder. mix together in a bowl then coat, the longer you let it sit the better but if you are short on time just throw it on.


then i cut reg n sweet potatoes and thowed them on.

to give the taters some flavor i poured some evoo in a bowl.
then put the taters in the bowl add some salt n pepper. 
toss to coat no need for ketchup too.

we also had fresh green beans snap peas n aspargus.
i just put some evoo salt pepper n rosemary n shredded garlic.

now go grill like you've never grilled before!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

how i took control of my acne

so i thought i would tell ya'll how i took control of my acne, now first of all i know that everybody has different skin just like our personalities, but with these things that i've done i've noticed a improvement in my skin. 

#1 i always always always wash my face every morning and night. ESPECIALLY when i wear make up, but even when i will go days without wearing make up i still do. i didn't use to wash my face at night like i would wash my face when i would take my shower in the morning n if i was gonna just clean or hang around the house i wouldn't wash my face at night n i thought well if i'm not sweating or wearing make up why do i need to wash my face? well i buckled down n started washing my face every morning and night for a lil over 2 years give or take. and it has made such a huge difference.

#2 i use acnefree's clear skin treatment, acne& blackhead terminator 10 w/ time realse 10% benzoyl peroxide (which means it's gonna take a little while to get rid of the acne) 
so here's the deal with the difference between benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid is that benzoyl peroxide it a acne medication that is to help prevent acne and treat it salicylic acid is to help just treat it. 
now i would use salicylic acid as all different things face wash, moisturizer treatment, ect. and it would either burn or make me break out worse or do nothing. so i thought i would try benzoyl peroxide n it dosen't burn or make me break out, so this is a keeper.

#3 don't touch your face!
no i'm not saying to never touch your face duh i'm saying if you have a hughe zit that's bugging you and you just want to scrap it off. i'll tell you my story so on monday we was out shopping and i saw that i had a huge zit on my chin n it was a bad one n what's funny is i can't remember when the last time was that i had one like that.  so i really wanted to pop it really bad but i knew if i did i would regret it right away cuz i didn't have any cover up in my purse. so i just went on, then when we got home after a long day i washed my face with my regular face wash then exfolated then put on my treatment, and the next day you would have never guessed that i had a huge red zit on my face...well you could see that i had a zit but still, and 4 days later it's gone vs. if i would have poped it the spot would probably still be red. so yeah

#4 exfoliate 
exfoliate 2 times a week for those with reg skin, and those with sensitive skin 1 time a week (their is 2 types of sensitive skin, those who are allergic to fragrance(me) and those who can't handle scrubbing because it will turn them red ect.) anyway what i do is wash my face with my reg face was to get off my make up n stuff, then use my exfoliate to get off the dead skin and get into the pores and get all the buildup of dead skin n bactria off.

#5 i also started taking omega 3 fish oil supplements because i don't eat alot of fish and i read on the internet that if you take it it can help with you acne and hair and do all the stuff that fish does for you. some people who do take it though say that when they burp they can taste the fish n it dosent do that with me, but i guess it depends. but i have noticed a difference in my skin can't really say if it works or not because your suppose to take it 3 time a day and i forget to do that. 

#6 patience grasshopper

your acne is'nt going to be gone overnight just when you try a new product you have to give at least 6 weeks to see if a product is goin to work or not. if is making you break out worse like after the first time you try it don't use it! it;s not worth it even if you spend a bunch of money on it. you can take anything back. otherwise if it dosent do anything then you'll have to try something else.sorry

#7 be consistent
i wash my face every morning and night, and exfoliate 2xs a week and keep with that schedule and i have noticed a huge difference in my acne. i think that many people don't keep with that regime and expect to have perfect skin, but you won't have it you have to be disciplined and train yourself like a dog.

no i don't have a blemish free face my my acne is alot better than what it was, hopefully i will have a blemish free face in the future.

i hope that this has helped somebody i know i wrote alot but yeah i wrote's alot of info.haha