Wednesday, July 14, 2010

goin to chilli

so we went to chiili again today cuz mom had to get a tooth filled then we went to dollar tree to get some stuff for the prayer tea, im so excited about this theme this year!! (it's going to be a beach theme) then we went a few other places i wouldn't mind being out all day but because it's so hot...cuz we've been going like every week. so then after the numbness wore off of moms mouth we got some arbys n they did something n so now it's hard for her to chew, so shes gonna see if she can get it fixed tomorrow cuz our dentist goes out of town this weekend n he'll be gone all week! but were just gonna go n come back. so yeah

here's some pics my mom took of our crazy cats.

she likes to sleep in the tree. 


she just likes to be all up in your face

 and on of david or dave, when he fell asleep.haha pepper is obsessed with him.

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