Friday, July 23, 2010

hotttttt weather n confusing movies

so as if no one else has realized that it's been unreasonably hot latley and we still have a month of summer left hopefully it will start to cool off [cool off in august HA!] but like atleat be in the lower 80's. man i wish i could just go somewhere where it's cooler not like 20 degrees but 50 or something. but alas i'm here. 
that's alway something i've noticed growing up with people when it's 90 degrees outside we want it to be cooler then when it's 20 degrees we want it to be warmer, but i like colder weather. 
and i don't know why i keep goin on n on.
on a side note mittnes our oldest cat died last night or this morning, he was 11 years old n he alway had some kind of problem. i'm not really that sad because i saw it coming and you know what i' just gonna say it i'm glad he died cuz i don't like pets or animals. i don't like to let people know because i know they would be all like why n i love my dog or fish or something i just don't like them.
anyways, i rented "singin in the rain" n "my fair lady" i've never seen either before n i liked singin in the rain because of the story and other stuff, but my fair lady was a bit of a disappointment i just thought it would be more than what it was, theirs just alot of singing n i don't mind musicals but when the song goes on and on and on it get a bit old. and as you get towards the end it gets confusing because you didn't know what eliza wanted n the professor wanted too. n then you don't really know what happened i guess you can figure out that they get married but you don't know for sure. the end was kind of like gone with the wind, where you don't know what happens too. n it's like you watch this movie for 3, 4 hours n then the end it's like what just happened?maybe it's jus where i like to know everything that's goin on.
so what are you're thoughts on movies that leave you wondering whats gonna happen??
*i made it so anybody can comment*


  1. If we knew it all we would be God

  2. Mittens DIED?!!

    Yeah I didnt think too much of My Fair Lady either.

    Already told u about Shutter Island being kinda like that. Its maddening.