Friday, July 9, 2010

S.B.S. [summer bbQ series]

so one of my fav thing thing that i like to do in the summer is grill but we don't just grill in the summer...we grill in the spring n early gets too cold to stay outside in 40 degree weather.haha 
so one rule of thumb i always go by when it comes to grilling. you can grill anything....anything be fearless just try grilling something and see if you like it. odds are you probably will!

so on the night we had this we didn't know what to make so i just winged it abd it turned out pretty good.
so we had chicken that had a brown sugar and chilli powder mixture on to give it a bbq rib taste but with chicken. 
about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 2 table spoons of chilli powder. mix together in a bowl then coat, the longer you let it sit the better but if you are short on time just throw it on.


then i cut reg n sweet potatoes and thowed them on.

to give the taters some flavor i poured some evoo in a bowl.
then put the taters in the bowl add some salt n pepper. 
toss to coat no need for ketchup too.

we also had fresh green beans snap peas n aspargus.
i just put some evoo salt pepper n rosemary n shredded garlic.

now go grill like you've never grilled before!!!

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