Friday, September 17, 2010

easiest bbq rub ever

i know i've been such a slacker with posts but i've got some posts planned so wait for that hopefully they will be up sooner rather than later. but now i have a recipe that is so easy anybody could so it and it's soooooo simple.

all you need is:
brown sugar n chili powder
your choice of meat {chicken, steak, porkchops} 
we tried it with steak for the 1st time n my mom was hesitant for whatever reason. but i didn't care.

1 st step gather ingredients

put brown sugar on plate i just eyeball it

then measure about 2 tbs of chili powder in palm of hand again eyeball it

coat meat with mixture as you would with bread crumbs and let sit for 10 to 20 mins to let it get a glaze, if you have to go ahead and cook it right away you can.

see the glaze as if it was some bbq sauce 
so cook on grill as you usually would then devour

write you later

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