Tuesday, August 31, 2010

before & after:desk

okay so my desk is well here so ever since i've had my desk where it is now their has always been a huge pile of things that i had no idea where to put like board games and other random things. and it was kind of a eyesore, at least to my mom i could live with it, but sometimes you just get tired of things being the same way right?so i just started cleaning up and about a hour later i had a nice clean aera that looks 10x better. so yeah oh i didn't take the best pictures because i wanted to get started so i just took one before.

before: so i usually don have the sea shells on my chair but they were their for me to put in the closet behind the desk (you can see the door just a little bit, but it is their) but as you can see i have games papers bags n a box. so i went through the stuff found some things for the yard sale i wanna have in a couple weeks n things for the fallapolloza and some art stuff in the closet as well. i forgot to take a pic of the closet i didn't think of of it {note to self document everything for blog} so i put the board games in the closet and just about everything else.

 after  yayyyyyy it's finally cleaned up n i moved the desk a litter bit closer to the wall so theirs not a big awkward space i'm sure that's the first thing you noticed instead of seeing the wall and floor.haha

so yeah next the dreaded back room i'll have to take pics n do a post about that i want to start tomorrow.

write you later, 


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