Sunday, August 22, 2010

slacker 2

so yeah i know i haven't updated my blog in awhile n thought i would so i haven't been really doing a whole lot but going out n taking pictures n this past week we've been having to clean up the house cuz dave n megan was gonna come down n they couldn't make it...they were suppose to come today but i think it worked out cuz i don't know if i would have made it. haha

then yesterday we went to see tecumseh n it was pretty good i've seen it before. n it took awhile to get out cuz of the way they have the parking n we went to mcdonald's to get some eats n as it went on we didn't get home till 1:20 ish so that was exhausting. 

so yeah i've also been reorganizing things around the house like drawers in the kitchen n kitchen cabinets ect. n i took pics n have some tips for organizing.oooohhhh

but chea so other than that theirs not too much else...well theirs is something else something huge but i want to wait to tell ya'll i'm excited VERY excited.

write you later

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