Tuesday, August 31, 2010

before & after:side table

so since summers coming to a end i wanted to switch my accessories (that i keep on my side table) for fall n winter. so i noticed that a trend now is to have a tray on your desk or table, or bathroom counter, n my mom suggested that i use this tray we have in out dinging room that we don't use, so i did! it had just like a piece of cardboard behind glass on it kind of like a picture frame so i cut some wrapping paper n put it in the tray to make it look decorative.

                                                       which one will i pick??
Tip for storing wrapping paper use rubber bands to keep paper on roll. (you can see it in the middle one)

                                                           i liked the red the best!
                  After i kept it very simple with my lamp on the trunk and in the tray i just have a glass bowl filled with some kind of dried crab apples or something i don't know what they are but i like them. and a vase that i put feathers in with some decorative paper in it.

so yeah i hope that this was helpful and inspiring i really like the way my trunk looks it just looks more put together and it will help me to not clutter it up with magazines and other random things.

so write you later, 

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