Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Must Have

Hey guys, so this is my first monday must have, basically monday must haves will consists of things that I think everyone should have from fashion to food, and whatever else I can think of.

So it's obviously summer and something i think everyone should have not just for summer but all year round is sunglasses, I can't live with out sunglasses, I wear them all year round.

Something that I love about sunglasses is that there fashionable and functional. 
Of course I also wear them because they protect your eyes from the sun.

Here are some of my favorite styles.

Who doesn't love a pair of aviators?
 Can you say top gun?

No really, I think aviators are something that men and women can pull off, and there so classic and you can wear them if your dressed up or down and they look good no matter what.
Whenever I think of aviators I always think of summer too, so I think their a perfect summer staple.

I just can't resist a pair of oversized Jackie O sunglasses!
The bigger the better too!
I tend to wear these in the winter, but i still wear them in the summer

So yeah those are my picks, I usually switch my shades from time to time because I tend to get bored with them.
{am I the only one??}

So yeah that's my Must Have Monday! 
Are sunglasses a must have for you?? 
Write to you guys lata!

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