Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Schedule

Hey guys so I know  just posted like not even 5 minutes ago my 1st Monday Must Have, but I thought I would explain my new blog schedule!! 

So on Monday's I'm going to have Monday Must Have where I'll share something that I think everyone should have being from fashion to food to decor and whatever else I can think of.

On Tuesday's I'm going to have Tasty Tuesday where I'm going to share either a recipe, or a snack or drink that I love because well if you know me you know I love food.

On Wednesday's I'm going to do have What I Want Wednesday where I'll share with you something that I want, from trying a different food that I haven't tried before, or a house thing {appliance, furniture ect.}, to fashion, to really anything.

On Thursday's I'll have Thrifty Thursday where I'm going to share thrifty finds, or something that costs zero money.

On Friday's I'm going to have Funday Friday where I'll post about something that I think is just fun from a movie or tv show to a website to something I like to do among other things. 
{thins should be some fun posts ;)}

On Saturday's I will have Saturday Obsession where I'll share something that I'm obsessed with and can't get enough of, being from a song to a movie to really anything because I tend to get obsessed with a lot of things. 

On Sunday's I'm going to continue with My Week In Pictures where I share pictures that I take on my phone.

So with that I can't make any promises that I will post every single day because I tend to be lazy and whatever and if i've been busy I won't always feel like blogging but I will try, i'm already getting ideas for what i want to do for each day. so i'm getting excited!!

p.s. i just totally though of all this while writing it seriously, how's that for planning!

write cha lata!

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