Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Well Month in Pictures

Hey guys so I am finally better finallyyyyyy!!!! 
It felt like i was going to be sick till forever, it was horrible, usually when I get sick I always get strep and that's about it, but this was wayy worse and it lasted for over 2 weeks.

Oh and I woild say the only good thing about being sick is I drank like 5 or 6 of these a day because it would help with my endless coughing.

yep all 32 oz  xs 5...or 6

So I am now a avid consumer of water, but I drink just the recommended 64 oz. 

So anyway I thought I'd catch you guys up on the latest pictures from my phone.

Speaking of phone, my moms cat {I don't clam her} was on a shelf the other day and knocked down a flure de les singn thats made of plaster of paris {or something that's heavy} i have on the shelf and it  fell on my phone and shattered the screen :( 

 Thankfully the touch screen still worked and everything, I ordered a new one right away and I got the white torch which is what i wanted the first time but couldn't get, but not I got it!! 
{you can see it in the reflection on the phone screen too}

only thing that bugged me is it took 2 weeks to get here, and i actually got it on my birthday. Which was on July 5th {just a fyi}
But I love it!!

Then the day {I got sick that night} when i got sick my posse and I went thrift store shopping and you always find some fun things at thrift stores.

a long sleeved shirt.

a pair of jeans

a nice top.

vote for pedro

hannah wanted that.

Then we had some Panda Express for lunch

So it was a good day. 
Then I got back and my cousin and i planted some herbs and worked in the garden, then all of the sudden later at night I felt horrible and got a fever ect.

long story short I was coughing all the time and this helped.

and this stopped the coughing


So then about a month or so ago my cousin got a kitten that someone dropped of at his house.

He brings her by time to time, and she runs around and plays with the other cats.

Yes this happened at the wendys in my town, they switched it recently to a giant wendy girl now. 
I don't know whats cooler the giant frosty or a giant rag doll sitting on top of a restaurant. 
You can make the choice.

then i got the august issue of allure magazine which always brightens my day.

I think I'm liking dark chocolate more as I get older and appreciate the taste, and these aren't bad too.

I've also been obsessed with hummus lately, I use to not like them because of the texture but i find that I like them on triscuits they give them a nice crunch.

So yeah that's been my life lately, oh and aside that it's been like 100 degrees everyday with high humidity. 

But yeah that's it so write to ya lata have a good rest of the weekend!

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