Wednesday, June 30, 2010

last day of june

so i thought i would do another update on here,[side note] what's funny is if somebody writes on their blog about their life and other things n they will write about their tell the world [well who ever will read it] about their wants being from wanting to see some movie, to wanting a big house or wanting a bigger grill, oh wait that's my wants. anyway but people wil write their wants hopes fears, believes, needs and whatever but when you talk to them you would have never guessed that this person dosent have a grudge againts anybody, or is selfish,or just cares about the outfit they have on but that they just want to have peace and live their life. *(what am i writing about???)* and just be happy. 

and the thing is that you can find that out just by taking a few mins to read their blog....and no i'm not talking about myself because i've hardly had anybody make those assumptions about me. but i'm just saying that we can tend to think that we know about this person or that person but really have no idea, who they really are.
(yea i don't know where all that came from but i've been thinking about for a little while)

so anyway i guess i'll recapp what's been goin on latley or so far this summer, ummmmm not too much wel hannah graduated yay, but that was in may but it's still summer....or warm weather. and [ok had to think for like 5 mins] yeah not to much well last week we had vbs and vbs is well vbs, if you know me you would know why i'm not writing a whole lot about this....NOT that because it's church related but something else and i don't want to get into it. and i just downloaded the new hillsong album that just came out yesterday, it's prety amazzzingggggggggg it is n yeas i'm saying that because hillsong is my fav worship team of all time but this cd it insanely good, it's different than what they do. 

and umm some other stuff has happened that's good.
oh n we've been really getting into all the coupon stuff thanks to michelle and been saving alot of money.
oh i'll also be turning 20 next monday yayy i think i'll do another blog post about that. 

and really that's about it.
so i guess that it.

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