Sunday, June 20, 2010


so i thought i would make another post since i can't remember when i put up my last post.haha
[grrrrrrr i just wrote a couple sentences and deleted it trying to paste a link!!!!! i'm not the most alert when i'm tired.]
anyway as i was writing before hannah,kelli, and i went up to circleville to go to maurices and you can read more about it in hannah's post here ( ***[you'll have to copy n paste]***haha. i'm not gonna write about the whole day cuz she explains it.

on a different note. i learned something from kelli, ok so first i like to cuff up my jeans since it hot ect. and i feel like a dork when i do it with my flared jeans cuz their floppy and she said to iron them. so wanna iron my other jeans to see what happens, so yeah i'm excited for that.

what else..........???...

so tomorrow hann n i are goin out to help put up the rest of the decorations in the sanctuary and other rooms. i always like being around them and helping cuz their really down to earth.

so chea i really need to put people in my email list so they can get to see my blog.

so i think that's it for now
see ya

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