Monday, April 25, 2011

spring flowers

hello everybody, so i have a really really simple and easy and modern flower arrangement for you guys. i was inspired by the march pottery barn catalog.

see the flower arrangement on the table behind the sofa?
sooo  pretty! i would love to have a arrangement that big.
and the pear blossoms too but their a whopping $37.99 per branch, and that's on sale.

but my arrangement is free.
i think everybody can afford free.

so all i did was go to our  forsythia bush and cut off some branches 

 i also made a couple other arrangements for a couple other rooms so that's why theirs such a huge pile.

i just cut them about 1 to 2 feet for this arrangement but for the bigger ones i did 2 to 3 feet it really depends on how big you want it to be. i just cut a good amount of length because you can cut more off.

and then i just used this vase that i found at goodwill.

and then i just put the branches in the vase then put dome water in it.


so yeah super easy and simple but so elegant, and i like the pop of yellow too.

i'm defiantly going to do the same thing with our lilacs, now that their blooming, and they'll be nice and fragrant.

so yeah thanks pottery barn you never let me down.

write to you later!

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