Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hey guys so if you noticed I haven't posted in like 3 days well I'll be honest with you I really didn't feel like doing a post on Sunday or Monday because I didn't know what to do for Sunday I'm going back and forth on if I should have like a "Sara's Advice" or a "Sara's Thoughts" (aren't those the same thing? kind of) Or just do something else.  I'll make up my mind sometime.
Then on Monday I just didn't fell like doing anything. I can be very lazy at times.

Then today when I got up my mom told me that our dryer quit working, great!
And we are always having this constant battle with dirty laundry, it seems like no matter how much you wash anything it always gets dirty again. It's a daily battle! 
So we decided to get all 10 loads (yes ten, I were behind with the laundry as well) and take them to the laundry mat. So much fun! NOT! 
And then come home put the clean laundry, then go to walmart and get flea stuff for the cats, and bug bomb, because we're flea bombing tomorrow! YAY!

On the plus side I saw the marked down watches and found this!

Have it on my wrist as I type, I've been wanting a gold man's watch for awhile and when I saw this for $15 dollas I had to get it, I love big men's style watches! 

We're gonna go look at dryers and maybe get a new washer tomorrow too. 
Then hopefully can get it delivered on Thursday so that would mean a day of cleaning the dirty laundry room! 
I don't know how much more of this fun I can take.

So I prolly won't post anything until Friday, maybe Thursday?? 

Write to you later

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