Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

This weeks Tasty Tuesday will be all about butter!

And what I do with it. 

 So I'm not one who just likes butter by itself I prefer it flavored up so I make a compound butter.

This is as easy as it gets and I mean EASY!
And really simple too. Aren't easy and simple the same thing?? :/

Bascically all the steps are you take the butter out of your fridge let it sit out to get to room tempature.

Then put in a small mixing bowl then add what ever spices or herbs you want.
Then mix.

Did I mention this was easy?

This is the one I made just the other day, it's a fesh basil and garlic compound butter.

What you need!
stick of butter
Fresh basil
Powdered garlic
Sea salt
 (I added salt because the butter was unsalted, but if you have salted butter you can just skip this)
Fresh ground black pepper
All to taste.
What I do is add a little bit of each ingredient then taste and if I want more of a certain flavor add more, it's always easier to add more then take away.

I also like to have...

Rosemary, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper.

Garlic powder, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese. (you could add basil to this too!)

I also melted butter and mixed salt and pepper with that then brushed it on grilled corn!

So that's my Tasty Tuesday!!

Write to you later!!

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