Friday, March 12, 2010

oscar nonsense

okay so as any movie loving freak i watched the Oscars this past sunday, and i was a lil disappointed with some of the winners like Star Trek winning the best make-up! i mean COME ON! how hard is it to do alien makeup!?! who hasn't seen star wars (the old ones) i mean it's like giving a Oscar to a remake of a original movie...meaning it's not as good as the original. what i mean is it's NOT original but compared to the other nominations....their was more work with the make up with star trek, but sill.

okay next thing is, Sandra Bullock winning a Oscar for best actress ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
that make me soooooo mad! why? why? *throwing arms in the air* it's not like she's never acted before! unlike Gabourey Sidibe where she tried out just to make some money to go to college now i haven't seen precious but from the trailers it looks soo good. she deserves it sooo much more.ughhh

okay wel i guess that's all other than that i'm pretty happy with everything else not like it need my approval.haha


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  1. i agree with you on SB winning best actress.
    BTW. watched The Frog Princess. AMAZING. You would like it. Its pretty funny. n your mom would really like it too.
    Th eonly off thing is the whole prince getting turned tofrog by a voodoo guy. n his (basically) demons/friends on the other side. that whole thing im like. ehhhh.