Thursday, March 18, 2010

late thursdsay

soooo sorry i haven't been writing the past few days i've been busy cleaning up the house for this thing on sat. anyway in this blog i'm gonna explain how i'm going to do recipes on here so when i'm going to write a recipe that's mine (like i made up) i'm just going to title it basically what it is like veggie soup, but i also want to but up other recipes like from magazines or the net n when it's someone else's like Rachel Ray or Paula Deen i'll write Paula Deen's Biscuits. pretty simple i know but i just wanted to explain how i'm gong todo it so that it's simple and to the point so that no one will be confused.n i'll also put up the link for the other persons recipe down below. another reason why i want to say who's recipe it is is because i don't like to "act" like i made up the recipe, and i don't want mine to be titled Sara's Veggie Soup because i hate that....i just don't like my name "titled" like this ughhh it makes me gag *weird*. anyway i'll also write for when i write another persons recipe i'll write if and what we tweaked w/ the recipe, because you don't have to follow the recipe to the line you just have to make it taste good. see ya lata

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