Monday, March 15, 2010

music and snowflakes

sorry i didn't write yesterday everyone it was Sunday and usually Sundays i don't have alot of time to do thing like write in my blog or anything else.haha okay so i don't really know what to write about today or ramble on about........i'm just re-downloading all my music i lost when i had to send my computer back n i had quite a collection so it's taking a while, n what's funny is you think i don't have alot of music when you only have like 400 songs but it's really not alot but when you have to re-download all of it it is alot but i did have some songs that i can't remember but i guess i can live with out them since i can't remember. haha but i'm just trying to get all my hillsong songs i can't live without hillsong or hillsong united, their music is amazzzing and it's so awesome their touring in america now wich they do only about every other year cuz they tour all in the rest of the world.

anyways i've also got to take down my paper snowflakes from my celing and the tape.n other than that i'm not doing too much else. this is why i wrote that i'm going to write abut other stuff instead of my life since it's pretty lame. soo i guess i'll write you next time.

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