Thursday, March 11, 2010

curly thursday

whatupppp so this is my first official blot and, i'm going to make 1 thing clear i am not blogging cuz my best friend i've actually wanted to blog before but just never got to it. I know i'm sounding all man n such but i just don't want people to think i'm copying her, so now that that is said.

I finally got my computer back after sending it last week but it might as well have been a life time it's working good as we can see, the only sad thing is i lost ALL my pictures and music :( but i can always dowload the music but i can't get the pictures.
oh well

anywho so it's been like really warm lately i'm lovin it, although i'm kinda sad that it's not gonna snow anymore cuz i don't know theirs just something about being snowed in that makes you want to snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie and roast vegetables. ahhhh but i'm glad that it's warming up and i don't have to wear a top, sweater, coat, scarf, hat. well i don't have to wear all that but i don't like to freeze when i'm outside. well i guess that's it till next time!



  1. you are SOOOOOO copying me :)

    and i definately agree on the snow

  2. oh i am SOOOOOOO NOT copying you i started a blog before but i just never did anything. =0