Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what do i want to write about?????

hey guys wassupp? so i'm kind of bored n thought i would do a blog post, and i don't really have topic so i guess i'll just wing it.

so first i'll say a late happy thanksgiving to everyone i would have put up a post before but my whole weekend was insane...well busy so on thursday we had thanksgiving dinner like the rest of america. then i did some more black friday planning, yes i am one of the crazy people who go shopping in the middle of the night to get some stuff. i went last year for the first time then this year i was so STOKED i mean i was really STOKED because you've got shopping crazy low prices and doing it all at 5 in the morning, and with you're friends, what more could a girl ask for? 
so this year i went all out with the planning looking at the ads getting coupons planning exactly what i wanted, i was ready for the game the game of shopping. oh and i didn't sleep at all too, sleep is for the wusses!
so we went sought and concurred! 
so i'll just go over what happened  hannah picked me up around 4 something we went to walmart to get a rubbermaid 40 piece set for $9 {i told you there was crazy low prices} and that's really all we got,{haha} and we saw our friend michelle at walmart n she was like "that's all you got!?!" chea! you didn't!?!

then we went  to other places, i don't really want to write where all we went cuz it's not too exciting but the wm story is. 
so we went out @ 4 whatever then i did'nt get back @ my house until 3pm yeah i wasnt really tired when i got home though because we got starbucks so yeah it took a few hours for me to crash. 

so then on saturday my other brother came down to celebrate thanksgiving round 2 and my moms bday which was on sat. oh and i forgot to take pictures of out fab thanksgiving meals :( we still have leftovers so i guess i could take pieces of those n tell ya'll the recipes. yeah i'll do that. so anyway we had a pleasant evening except i burnt my hand when i put the pan in the oven yeah it hurt n still hurts but i've been burnt before n it wont be the last time. oh n i burnt myself on thurs on the oven itself on my arm. so yeah

but anyway, so then on sunday we had church and didn't do too much else except for chill. 

then monday we started the house madness we started putting up our christmas decorations and i say house madness because we do nothing else but decorate i told you in my fall decor post  that we go all out n i mean ALL OUT + i subscribed for the pottery barn catalog and i loveeee it i mean idk who would pay those prices for anything but you can get so many ideas i already got some ideas...well a ton of ideas. 

so yeah i think that's about it  so i will write to you guys lata

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