Saturday, December 25, 2010

our dinging room buffet

hello, i know i know i didn't show you guys any of  our Christmas decorations so i thought i should.

so this year we kept the dinging room buffet really simple and clean looking which i really like because since i can remember it always had a coffee set that belonged to my grandma but we NEVER used it not once never and i wanted something different and i really like the way it turned out especially since we had no idea what we wanted todo so i guess i'll show you more pictures.

 we just put this table runner on it the little lamps we always keep on the buffet they let out a good amount but there not too big for the space. 
i think we got the runner from big lots a few years ago, and the lamps we got from big lots or dollar general i don't remember which one.

 above the mirror we always put up this garland thing my mom made a few years ago all she did was wire the flowers on the pine.

 looking good looking good but the sconces are bugging me they always bugged me i just thought it looked so weird having the sconces right above the lamps we don't light the candles anyway so the are purely for decoration, so moved them and it was like a breath of fresh air it just looks so much better. you'll see in a bit.

 ahhh looks soo much better. dosent it?

i just put the plates on one end of the buffet and at first i just piled up the silverware or should i say goldware. but my mom couldn't stand it so she arranged each utensil kind of messy. it wasn't too neat for me so i was happy.

then in the middle i added these candle sticks things that my mom got from a store that's kind of like goodwill. then i put a large candle in that glass jar and put a bunch of little gold balls in it, then in the corner what looks like a crystal something is a candy dish that was my grandmas or great grandmas i never know wich dish or cup belonged to who.

 then on the other side we just have a smelly candle that's for everyday. we put it in this metal holder thing that we got from goodwill or a yard sale i can't remember where we got it but i think it was one of those two.

so that's our  buffet. i am going to have a post recaping all of the rest of the decorations. probably next week.

p.s. you may notice that i changed my blog backround  i just got bored with the plain white and wanted something different. so yeah write you later.

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