Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!!

hello all i want to say Happy Christmas i know i'm not english but i like to say Happy Christmas rather than Merry Christmas. i just like the way it sounds, i don't know why but i do.

Usually we'll do the same thing every year for Christmas where we will fix Christmas Eve dinner and after we eat dinner, then we will go and open up our presents then eat some more then relax and i will usually watch "A Christmas Story" since it's on on tbs.  Then on Christmas Day i will just relax and Watch Christmas movies then fix Christmas dinner. Then watch a classic movie like "It's a Wonderful Life" or "White Christmas".

 But this year is a little different, because my brother and his girlfriend are in atlanta with her grandma for Christmas, and last year it wasn't too different because they came before Christmas but there coming down next week. so i said to my mom "why don't we open up our presents next week when their here, and she said ok so that's what were gonna do. i know it's different but were a different family. 

So i gotta go and get ready then make tiramisu for dessert.  and light some candles to make it smell like Christmas.

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