Tuesday, November 16, 2010

some fall decor

so since thanksgiving is next week i thought i should finally post our fall decorations. so yeah here it is.

so i'm going go in order from when you walk in the front door to the back of the house.

 so this is a table behind the front door in the hallway. we put the cornucopia with some fruit and leaves. i'm not a fan of the crochet lace tablecloth with this but i was in a hurry to get it up and since were going to be putting up Christmas decorations soon we can live with it.

   then in the coffee table in the living room ii took a tray that i spray painted god and put these ceramic candle holder things that i got at dollar tree and the leave and gouard are candles we found a hobby lobby we don't burn them [how could you?] the put some leaves and sugared grapes i know in the picture it looks sparse but it really dosent idk why it look so sparse, weird? but it's really not.

    on the mantle i put some leaf garland and another garland with green leaves and berries and lights then put the clock on one side then added some more sugared fruit and a wire pumpkin on the other side.

   in the top of the mirror we just put the green leaves with berries and lights i know it's not alot but we never know what to put above the mirror but we get so stuck when it comes to putting something above this mirror.

    now for the dinging room. if you follow Thrifty Decor Chick you can see i did our table similar to hers. what can i say when i see a good idea i want to do it. i mean isn't that what her blog is about anyway? so yeah

   i'll do a post on how i transformed a picture frame into a center piece. but for now to make it fallish i added leaves to fill it out and some real fake fruit and pine cones.

 then i put plate and bowls out. normally is we would set the table we would go all out with glasses and silverware but i didn't want to because i wanted it to look more modern cuz i always thought with the table all set with everything it kind of looks a little bit stuffy, but with just the plates it looks more modern. we don't eat in their all the time anyway.

   i got the idea to do this on the buffet from the november all you magazine i'll link the picture here. i did it on the buffet instead of the table and i like it. we have a turkey soup bowl thing so i put that in the center and put the candles on each side added some leaves and more sugared fruit and the cracked fruit and some pine cones.

    on top of the china cabnet we just kept it simple except all the candle sticks i never realized how bad it looks with all those candlesticks i'm going to deff go in there after i post this and take down like for of them maybe more. just try to picture them without a few candlessticks. 
anyways i just took this fab bowl that we got from hobby lobby a couple years ago and put a fake white pumpkin in it that fits it perfectly. then added a glass candle jar thing next to it i don't remember where we got the glass leave jar.

    on the sectary i added some leaves and more sugared fruit. shocking. and and regular fruit. then some candles.

    then on the dessert buffet i just took one of those leave bowls and put a fake apple in it. i don't think you could get more simple.
so that's it for the dinging room.

so i'm going to do another post  on the rest of the place. lata

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