Saturday, November 13, 2010

how to: pomegranate

so since it cooler pomegranates are in season and i love them. i will eat the seeds by themselves or put them in homemade cranberry sauce. i've seen pictures in magazines and online on how to get the seeds out but it would still be messy so break open, so when i wanted to eat the pomegranate i thought to score the skin deeper and it worked!        

        you'll need:
      a cutting board
      a sharp knife 
      a large bowl filled with cold water
      another empty bowl for the seeds
      another bowl to discard the skin and other unedibles [it's easier to have a bowl right next to    what your working on than having to go back and forth to the trash can]

score the pomegranate 2xs in a X pattern as you can see

    this part take alot of skill, put pomegranate in bowl of water. i hope nobody gets too    overwhelmed with this.

   i didn't get a pic of me breaking the pomegranate open but all you do is just pull it apart under the water the reason why you have it under the water is so the dark juice doesn't squirt all over you kitchen and on you.

then you work the seeds off. i just use my thumb and just break them off i don't keep my hands under the water the whole time cuz they would freeze but it's easier to keep

    what the inside of the pomegranate looks like in case anybody was wondering it's almost too perdy to mess up. well not really.

oh before i keep going i will warn you this task is VERY tedious i'm telling you now because it will seem like forever to get all those seeds and trust me you want to get all the seed out because you would'nt want to waste them one seed not one! not like their expenisive but because their really good.  but it is very very tedious if you are somebody who likes todo things quickly [and i will admit i'm not the most patient person in the world but when i'm working on something i like to take my time] but if you're someone who likes to get it done you will hate taking all those seeds out because it took me a while and i did 2. but i just wanted to warn you. ok let move on.

    10 minutes after [i told you it would take awhile] this is just from one pomegranate. another reason why you have the seed in water is you see the yellowish membrane thing at the top well you don't want to eat that so therefore the seeds fall at the bottom of the bowl and the yellowish thing [i don't really know what it's called] floats at the top so you can separate the seeds. and the yellowish stuff will still be stuck on a seed or two and it will float to the top so you can get it off at the seed.
oh and yes the seeds are edible.

   after you got all the seeds off the you want to strain them and then eat right away or you can save them for some homemade cranberry sauce. 

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