Monday, November 15, 2010

before & after: bench

so we have this bench that our neighbors put out to give away {instead of throwing away things like furniture & accessories the put it out on their curb} so and it's not really big but it's nice it wasn't falling apart or anything it just needed a new coat of paint and a change from the very old looking fabric on the seat, so we had these grourg curtains that my mom got on sale at walmart and thought of having in the dinging room put they only had 2 and i guess her idea was to have one panel on the window and pull is over to the side with i am not a fan of...i'm just not and with the baroque pattern made it even worse. so we kept them because you never know what you can use some fab fabric for and we did for this. we got the bench like last year and recovered it before i made my blog so i don't have any pics of us recovering it.

but for whatever reason we never spray painted the wood part which was so awful!'s... just....blek i'll just show you a picture

sorry for the weird angle i was in the middle of spray painting it then i thought to take pictures. but didn't i tell you it was awful? i guess somebody might like the finish but it's just not out taste at all. but yeah i have noooo idea on why we waited so long to spray paint it but i was a nice fall day and i thought i'm gong to spray paint that bench. so yah

and what better color to paint it than black and i used one of those spray paint can gun thing that makes it 10xs easier and more comfortable to use. i LOVE it!! it really makes it easier to spray paint and it doesn't hurt your finger maybe that's why i waited so long to spray paint the bench??
sorry it a lil blurry i couldn't get a good shot but i figure ya'll knew what a can of spray paint looks like.

so here's the finished product!

dosen't it look 10's better? and didn't i tell you the fabric was gorg!?!
we got the smaller bench from our other neighbor when she moved out she gave us a bunch of stuff and this bench we didn't have to do anything to it except we just covered the seat with the fabric.
then to give the bench some height we added a pillow like that you sleep on and covered it in the fabric i don't really like it like the way the pillow looks but i can live with it. were going to take off the wallpaper and change the colors int the hallway hopefully this spring and we have no idea what color scheme were going with. so anayway...

so here you have it a bench that went from blek to fab! 
write ya lata

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