Friday, April 23, 2010


ok so i'm going to write about something that's kinda personal but alot of people know about it.
so when i was younger my church had a school n i went to it then when it shut down i was homeschooling. but that's not the issue the thing is that people who have know me my whole life or half my life think i was too sheltered because i never went to public school. n it like what is so bad about not going to public school??? now i'm not saying it bad or nothin like that, but i've seen what it has done to too many friends, and don't be like whatever they would have gotten into whatever it was even if they would have not been in ps, (public school) yeah right. yeah you can still get into things even when your not in ps but your in a place for 7 or more hours and it's a natural thing where you start to pick up habits that those around you do, same thing with people who work. i'm not doggin on ps i'm just proving a point.

anyway, as i was saying people think that i'm "sheltered" n it's like "what!?!" it's not like i live in a tent! i'm so sick of people thinking this about me! i know what reality is like ok. but yeah i think that's all i have to write about.

p.s. sorry i haven't been puttin up any posts latley i usually don't know what to write, cuz i wanna write about something other than my day like some people do. not namin any names here.


  1. not naming any names? are you bashing my blog now?
    I can write whatever I want, buh.

  2. but im the only one u know with a blog. so...

  3. just read a whole lot in to it huh