Sunday, April 11, 2010


so i've been thinking about this since last night NONstop n maybe if i writ it n get it off my chest. so i have friends at a place and other people are doing things n i do 1 thing n it's just i feel like i'm useful i can do tons of stuff and nobody's having me do it! it's just i can do sooooooooooo much more to benefit but nobody's having me do anything! and i kinda don't know what todo about it. =/

the reason i titled this post forgotten is because that's exactly the way i fell like oh theirs sara the one who's always here but never does anything. and it's not like their disappointed in me it think their not expected it of me for some reason.

ok well bye


  1. you should prolly just talk to them n say hey. i want to be used more. n see what you can do.