Saturday, April 24, 2010

hot rollers

so yesterday i got hot rollers and tried them out, with my hair being straight for the 2nd day my hair didn't take too much curl. so today when i washed my hair and dried with the blow drier, so first of all my hair is frizzy some people think their hair is really frizzy well mine is frizzier, i'm just saying. so about every time after i dry my hair it's very coarse and frizzy. so then i had my mom do my hair for the 1st time lets just say disaster, so then i did it again the 2nd time it was better then the first but i still wasn't happy so then i did it the 3rd time and it turned out better than the two. so yeah, but one of the things why i wanted hot rollers is because i wouldn't be putting as much damage on my hair other than using the hair drier. also i think that because my hair is shorter it turns out really really poffy so i prolly shouldn't have put in that volumizing mousse, oh well. so i also found out that you have to really play with it and figure out what works. oh also i would recommended getting hot rollers if your hair wont hold any curl because they really give you some curl and volume.

lov, sara


  1. that would be me. my hair hates if u curl it. I thought about getting those because like. the hotsticks worked that I had so why not hot rollers ya know.

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