Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review:Pantene Pro-v

so first of all this is the first of many reviews that i'm going todo.

so anyway i was running out of conditioner and my shampoo wasn't doing anything for me so i thought maybe i should get a anti damage shampoo and conditioner. so i was looking to see what Pantene has and i saw their moisture renewal products and saw that it says that it helps to repair the look of damage and provides protection against future damage. and i have used this shampoo and conditioner before but i guess i forgot that it's anti damage, so i git it plus it's on sale too. so all in all i would really recommend this for somebody that dries and straightens your hair after you wash it and also straightens your hair daily.mmm after i think about it i always do seem to go back to this particular shampoo and conditioner. oh and i have just used this once and i saw a MAJOR difference when i dried my hair and straightened it.

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