Friday, May 6, 2011

yard selling

hey guys wassup?

i just wanted to do a post and i didn't k now what to rite about so i thought i'd just write about whatever? {let's see how this goes}

well i know one thing i do want to write about is, tomorrow i'm going yard selling, i'm so excited!!
i hope i find some goodies, i don't really have a specific thing i'm looking for maybe just some home accessories.

i'm wanting to kind of change my room a little bit, like i just want to put in some white accessories, the color pallet in my room is beige, cream, black, gold, dark brown, and red. {i still need to do a room post} 

so not too much white except for like on a stand fan, and the face of a clock, so i don't thing that counts.

so yeah hopefully i'll be able to find some white accessories, i'm not really sure what even, but if i don't find anything it's no biggie. if i do find some stuff i'll deff do a post.

write to you later 

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