Saturday, May 14, 2011

my week in pictures

hello guys so i basically just had this idea to take different random pictures that i take with my phone throughout the week and post them on my blog. 
so i'll try my best to do a post every saturday showing you guys how my week went down.

or of just random pictures.
so the start of the week [well tuesday] it rained like a LOT of rain and basically half or more than half of the town flooded and normally we never have floods, but it was pretty bad they had to close several streets and roads and even the highway.

now i realize you probably can't see the water but at the bottom of the hill the road was basically covered with water.  
i'll try and get a better picture next time. 

and then i saw this when looking through blackberry's app world. i just found it funny.
[just a fyi i didn't buy this app i just thought it was funny]

and then i figure out what the best deal is on toothpaste with coupons ect. notice i'm sitting on the floor for whatever reason, and notice my feather pen, it's not a very good pen for writing though so it's just for looks, because that makes total sense.

i saw this folder at walgreens yesterday and found it so cute and funny, i didn't get it though because it's $2.50.
too expensive!

we got these from kroger yesterday, their not as good as the classic barbecue, but they were cheaper, and i still find these addictive.

so yeah that's what happened this week in my life.