Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Week in Picture # 2 [the last 2 weeks]

hey guys i know i know i didn't do this post last week like i said, the reason being not too much happened, so i just had a few pictures and i also forgot to take pictures of random things, but yeah.

so i got my baseball card sleeves that i ordered from, i use these to organize my coupons i already had some but i wanted more so i can really organize the coupons. buhahaha!

my cousin got a carrot cake mix for me to make, i never made carrot cake before so i gave it a try, it's alright it's alright ;)

every saturday night i have to pick out what i'm going to wear because i'll stare at my closet for 30 minutes sunday morning, i ended wearing this top and cardigan i just switched the pants to skinny jeans because i didn't like the way the capri pants looked. 
i didn't wear my hair like the either. [just a fyi]

i grilled up some chicken that night as well, at 11:30 for our church lunch after the morning service.

  i don't remember exactly when i took this picture but i thought i'd be a fun one to put in.
notice the different shoes, rain boots, moccasins, and flip flops, that alone should tell you the story of the insane weather we've been having. oh and feel free to ignore the pile of clothes on the chair.

 love this color, it's sally hansen barracuda, it came out completely opaque in 2 coats, it's a true light blue color.

got the pottery barn bed and bath catalog!! soo many ideas, notice the cherry pj's

i made "chipotle "recipes last monday, it's not really the exact same thing because i didn't have all the ingredients, so i tweaked everything but it still came out really good. you can find the recipes  HERE. i made the rice, the chicken, and the corn salsa. i'll def do a post about it the next time i make this.
i love these!  i mean LOVE! i even took them into the movies last night. their even better when you put them in the refrigerator and eat them cold,  try them if you are a twizzlers fan.
you have to try them.

i love these candles from bath and body works, this juicy nectarine, smells very sweet and like a nectarine.

this it my favorite i love the way this smells, i can't stop smelling it literally, you don't smell the cilantro at all maybe a hint of it, i kind of get a little bit of a minty smell maybe it's the calintro, i don't know, but you mostly smell the mango, it smells like well mango. 

my day got off to a good start when my mom told me we got the new rachel ray mag, and it's the ling one too! i still havent really looked in it but i'll proly make a ton of recipies from it. 
rachel ray was actually the person who inspired me to cook and love to cook, and i learned alot of things just from watching 30 minute meals, then it basically grew from there. 

okay so thats it for my past 2 weeks. have a good holiday!

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