Tuesday, March 1, 2011

strawbery trifle

hello everybody 
can you believe march is finally here? well you know what that means spring!
it seems like everyone is so anxious for spring, even i am and i like cold weather but after 4 months, it's time for warmer weather.
am i right?

oh  and the pic is of the best chips ever made i'm telling you these are the BEST & their what i was snacking on while making this dessert.

okay so on to the dessert 
this is soooo easy, even easier than the pumpkin trifle i made back around thanksgiving.
well maybe their both the equally easy to make, i don't know i just like to make easy things.
oh and this recipe i made myself

so you need a angel food cake

trim off the brown crust of the top and edges 
then cut horizontally so you have 3 layers even in thickness, if one layer is a little bit thicker than the other 2 don't worry about it, just put it in the middle or bottom of the bowl.

then you need

some sliced strawberries{these came from the frozen section by the cool whip at kroger}, i don't know the amount of how much but i think this might be 2 cups. you want at-least 2 cups total of strawberries and syrup 1 to 1.

then drain the syrup into a bowl  

 i just used a spoon to move the strawberries around a little bit to get more syrup then just waited a little bit for them to drain.
then you need 

cool whip 2 tubs and i mixed 1/2 a teaspoon if vanilla extract then folded it in to the cool whip to make it billowy like a soft cloud.

and you will also need white chocolate {i forgot to take a picture of it}{oops}

so now it's time to assemble the 1st layer you take one of the angel food cake layers and lay it in the bowl.
i also forgot to take a pic of the assembly of the 1st layer but it's the same thing for all 3 layers.
so like i said you but this down then you take the syrup and put it on the cake.

i poured it on the cake then used the back of the spoon to spread it so it was saturated.

then spread the strawberries on top

don't worry i filled in that gap towards the corner. 

then you want to spread the cool whip on top and shave some white chocolate on top of the cool whip.

then do another layer then another.
i made this a day ahead and it came out really well so i would suggest doing that but you can still eat it on the same day just put it in the fridge for a couple to get it chilled. 
so that's it i hope somebody will make this because it's so good. 
i think it's also a good one for spring and summer.
well write to you later



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