Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Gadgets

hey guys 
so for awhile i've been wanting to show you some of my favorite kitchen tools that have been soooo helpful to me. and i don't think i could imaging cooking a meal without them. 

so the first thing i can't stress enough about it you have to have a good chefs knife that is sharp and stays sharp for a good while before you have to resharpen it.
i've used a few different knives before, but then i usually find something better. 
the one i currently use that is my favorite is this one

as you can see it's a chigao cutlery i actually got this on clearance at walmart, it was $12 which is pretty cheap for a good knife. but it's a really good knife. you can find out about it here if you like.

okay so the next thing is a micro-plane  which looks like this

you can use this tool for many different things like to zest lemons and or oranges and limes, and to grate nutmeg, and my favorite thing to shred garlic cloves! [i love garlic] [just a fyi]
you also can shred cheese but i prefer using the food processor, but if you just need some to top a dish it works, and you can grate chocolate on top of desserts. you can basically shred alot of things which the micro-plane and what makes it really nice is the blades seem to never dull, or at-least they haven't since we've gotten ours a few years ago n we use it alot. 
they also have other shapes like rectangles and squares, i want to get one of the other shapes because it can be a bit challenging with the curved edge on the bottom of the blade
see it's nothing serious but i would kind of like to upgrade.
you can fine micro-planes at kitchen stores and look at the other kind of things they have here.

oh and here's another picture of it in my hand so you can see what it looks like to scale

next thing is this thing

 can you guess what it is?????

now do you know what is it?
yes a colander but it folds up for easy storage, cool huh? i have seen these around more and more latley but we got this a few years ago from QVC

ok so the next couple things everybody has so i won't need to explain a whole lot about them

so this is obviously a flat vegetable peeler i usually use this to peel carrots and that's pretty much all i use them for and sometimes other things.

and obviously this is you traditional vegetable peeler i prefer using this to peel potatoes {which is only a few times a year because i hate peeling potatoes}
and i like this brand xoxo because it stays sharp i've had this vegetable peeler since i was 13, 14?? ad i'm now 20 and it's still sharp. pretty sweet right

the next thing i loveee i mean i LOVE this tool the more i use it the more i love it

it's my mortar and pestle i love this thing latley i've been using this every-time i cook you can make all kinds of things with this like medicine, no i don't make medicine with it, i usually crush garlic and make spice blends and crush herbs. i got this for $10 at tjmaxx that's the cheapest i've seen one this size so i grabbed it. and i;m so glad i did.

okay so that's all of my kitchen tools that i don't think i could do without.
 what are your favorite kitchen tools that you can't go a meal without using.

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