Sunday, March 20, 2011


hello again!
okay so this past saturday my friend hannah did a blog post on her recent obsessions, and i thought i should do that. don't call me a copy cat, when i see a good idea i do it.
 oh and you may or may not see some similar things that she had in her post we tend to have the same taste in things.

okay so the first this that i will be obsessed with for life is diet coke i love diet coke i mean LOVE IT! if i'm having a bad day and stressed and whatever, all i have to do is drink a diet coke and i feel better. i know it sounds crazy but it works.
and i don't drink like a whole case a day i only drink 2 to 3 a day.

forever obsession <3

so the next thing is hillsong united's new album aftermath it is AMAZING! 
i've always love hillsong and hillsong united's music, but since i downloaded this album i'm listing to it constantly,  i mean i'm listing the whole album all the time everyday. i've never done that with any new albums where i'm listing to them this much, i've played a song over and over but not a whole album like this. 
it is different than their other albums, i don't know how it just is you'd have to listen to them, and the music is always soooooo good as is the lyrics. 

i can't post videos from you tube on here for whatever reason so i shall post liks for each son in order.

1. Take Heart

actual music video

3. Like An Avalanche

4. Rhythms Of Grace

5. Aftermath

6. B.E.

 7. Bones

8. Father

9. Nova

10. Light Will Shine

11. Search My Heart

12. Awaking
my favorite!

did you go listen to them?
aren't they amazing?

okay on to the next obession nail polish i've always loveed nail polish and i love to paint my nails different colors n stuff. usually i would change the color every week until recently, i just can't get enough! 

*note: this is not my nail polish*

okay so the next thing is candyyyyyy!!
but not just any candy laffy taffy i love laffy taffy i remember when it came out when i was a little kid, and loved it but what's sad it i can't find watermelon laffy taffy any where around here, it's not so much that i want the watermelon taste but in that flavor they have fake edible watermelon seeds that are amazingggg, i did find it on but i don't know if i want to buy watermelon laffy taffy from amazon is that too extreme? 
let me know in a comment.

okay so the last thing is my blackberry torch i put up a post awhile back about getting it, so i'm not going to go into too much about it, but since i've had it for about a month, [and used it a little bit more]  i love it i don't know how i lived before i had one it's so nice and i have some sweet apps like metrix which is like tetris. yeahhhhh 

next of course is nexflix  i love nexflix!
i love to watch movies and tv shows and it's so convenient to have it on my laptop

lastly is the best show everrrrr hands down

 you guessed it, the office, this is a show i could watch over and over and never get tired i already watched season's 1-6 on netflix and i might start watching it again.

okay so that's it for my obsessions i would call these my lifetime obsessions because i don't think i'll change my mind about these. 
so that's it for now have a good week!

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