Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tired as a cat, some plans and a long weekend

so i thought i would write another post letting you know whats been goin on latley, as if anybody reads this. so as i wrote in the title i'm tired and i'm not tired like falling over but just like i need to go to sleep but here's the thing it's almost 10 pm n i know that if i goto sleep or go lay down i won't fall asleep till 2 am, probably. why? i don't know i think it's because i'm a true night owl where i don't like to but love to say up late and sleep all day or at least half a day. i have to sleep for like 10 hrs i know i'm like a baby or a cat.....well they sleep more that 10 hrs. so when i have days when i have to get up on say sundays at 7 in the morn i look forward to my nap, but today my b.f.f.l. (best friend for life!!) wanted to go eat chinese food a hr after we got out of church so i didnt get to take my nap oh yeah and did i mention that i didn't fall asleep until about 2:30, but it was fun. n no we don't do this every week if we did we would die.

so yeah han n i are thinking of some plans for the church and hopefully we'll be able to do them their very beneficial and will be for good causes. and the thing is that if we can kinda be in charge of it it will get done not that i;m saying nothing get done their but alot of people in general will be all talk and no action, but you should be all talk and all action.

 as for the long weekend i can't even remember what happened. i'm just glad that tomorrow is monday i always love monday's. i guess because i always do stuff on the weekends but monday's i just do nothin. n what i don't get is when people are like "tgif" "so glad it the weekend" blah blah blah. n i'm like the weekend is only 3 days long so why not look forward to everyday.

oh n did i mention how much i'm lovin this front, it's so big!
well i guess that's al.l i'm gettin more and more tired i might go to bed at 11 n get some rest. HA not a chance!! no i might i like getting up early when the weathers warm. 

seee ya

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  1. There's nothing better than stuffing yourself with Chinese food and taking a nap on a Sunday... I think that's what Sundays were made for.