Monday, May 3, 2010

busy weekend

so i thought i would write a post today since i told a few pepole to go check out my blog so as i said before i'll prolly write about stuff every 2 to 3 days, and i wrote all about what in another post so just go look at that.

so anyway, it's been a very busy weekend this past weekend, n i have had many busy weekends before but i this was one of them where it was exausting (well exausting for me because of lack of sleep)but we had the fishing tournament on saturday morning n we had to prep for the lunh picnic, that was nice. then we had a surprise baby shower and we had to go in the afternoon to get a gift, so we didn't get to rest, then that night i made a twitter for the church, and made a facebook profile for the church so i was sening friends request's and adding pictures and doing other things. then i couldn't sleep cuz i was thinking of a million things. ughh so yeah then i had church and usually i don't do a while lot cuz i'm tired.

then today i couldn't sleep in cuz i had a hair appointment so i feel like i'm gonna crash now. then we have the coupon class tonight.ughh i just need tp sleep like for 14 hours.

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