Wednesday, May 19, 2010


so in this post i'm going to write about something that i've had to deal with as long as i can remember, so as some people know i have senstive skin and their are 3 different types of sensitive skin, 1. your skin will itch when you use a body was and lotion with fragrance in it #2!! when you exfoliate your face and body your skin will turn red and be irradiated. 3. both.

so i had #1 and a lil bit of # 2 because after i exfoliate my face my skin will be a little bit red bit it does depend on what you use and how much time you rub your face but usually it won't be anything searious. but my main issue was using things with fragrance in it and i used unfragranced body washes and lotions wich is easy to find now since unfranced skincare for your body has rised up. but i missed using something with some sent in it and you really do take things for granted just doin something that has some smell and make you feel pretty and you can't do that. 

but this blog is'nt about the sadness of not using these things. so even though i couldn't use lotions on my arms n legs ect i could use them on my feet n hands (i know weird) so i would still use the lotions on my feet n hands and would still but therm from bath n body works (oh and i forgot to mention that i still use parfume, and that dosent my me itch or anything) but anyway, one day i thought i wonder if i would put a lil bit of lotion in my elbow n keep it their for 24 hrs. if it would make me itch so i did n nothing happend. so what dose this mean??? i can use regular body wash and lotion that smells good and i'm lovin it!!! and at first i would use it n kind of itch but not really i think i would just think "oh this is going to make me itch" but then i would still use it n not itch, so i think it's just a state of mind.

it's also been about a month or something since. but i guess that the lesson here is once you think you have something or a problem of any kind don't plan on havin to deal with it for the rest of you life. 

i know this is sounding sooo shallow i mean i'm writing about using body wash with some smell in it but it was a issue i had to deal with plus i'm a girl is their something so wrong with wanting to use a shower gel with some sent in it. right?

write to ya later

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